Living – Truly An Art

I had read many of Guruji’s articles, books and watched His knowledge sheets in audio, but it wasn’t until 2006 that I met Him for the first time. That’s when the feeling actually started sinking in. It’s like when you make a scrumptious dish, you need to know the right recipe, but it’s only when you taste the dish that you realize its value. Same was my encounter with Gurudev. Since then, my life has witnessed various ups and downs, and other challenges. But I have always sensed a Divine hand on my soul. I have always sailed through, with a smile on my face:)

With His grace, I have been able to endure it all, with my calm intact, always. One day, a person asked me about this sudden change in my attitude; that I always seemed happy and jovial. I told him that the secret for it was nothing but my Guru, and since then even he is excited to come around and know more about the Art Of Living. Over the past ten years, from whatever personal experiences I have had with AOL, one thing I can say with certainty – it’s a must do course for one and all. In today’s day and age, dealing with the continuous hustle bustle of life can be quite demanding, leading to unavoidable stress and fatigue. But with this course, people can learn how to handle stress and difficult situations with great ease and panache. We just need to realize that all these are passing clouds, some are dark, some are grey, but as they say – every cloud has a silver lining! We just need to learn to handle our mind, tame it the right way, it’s that simple! But implementing such knowledge is truly an art, and what better place to learn this other than the Art of Living. Living certainly is an art, and your not fully living if you haven’t learnt the Art of Living

With my beloved Guruji’s grace, all my problems have been solved in time. I have become happier, relaxed and hale and hearty. I truly feel as though I am swimming in a pool brimming with grace, and I don’t need to worry, for there is an unseen force, the divine love, that is taking care of me.

Thank you Guruji!
Deepak Baboota

Living is an Art

All our life as modern humans we do things that seems to bring us happiness yet after a certain point everything becomes meaningless and hollow. There is a small country tucked away in the Himalayas called Bhutan, which is the only country in the world that calculates GNP and not GDP.Gross National Happiness … isn’t that wonderful.
Orient civilizations have in the past thrown enough light on the philosophy of life. Yet today we find ourselves confused and clueless about how to maintain a fine balance without comparing our lives with those of others or blindly following the latest fad…and if comes from the west the better..

Somewhere in my quest for better living I came across a group called The Art of Living. The name itself sounded curious and for a meandering soul like me I wanted to know more about it. So I came to know that the founder of this institution is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar a modern day spiritual master who has touched the lives of millions across the globe. The enthusiastic volunteers encouraged me to experience their course and see for myself. I participated in a six day program that made me look into many aspects of life that we take for granted or simply fail to implement. I also learned a breathing technique called the Sudarshan Kriya that has left a profound impact on me. I came out of the program a completely changed man in terms of how I should look at life and how I react to situations.

Since then I seem to have an invisible hand guiding me through the highs and lows of life. I catch myself smiling and generally feeling happy without any apparent reason. It is like getting your own personal life coach. Somewhere I have started appreciating the finer and subtle aspects of life and its purpose. The way I react to challenges and minor irritants are remarkably different now. I have observed that I feel better equipped to handle the challenges that life throws up from time to time and a general sense of security that things will eventually fall in place.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, as I slowly came to know more about him is modern day guru who has very skilfully woven the ancient wisdom so that even in today’s modern fast paced world we can still keep in touch with the core of our own being. Pranayam, Yoga and values with which our ancestors built the society had taken a back seat and somewhere being disregarded as old and not suitable for modern life. But the more I practise what I learned in the course the more Iam convinced how wrong we have been in sidelining these aspects that are essential to keep our mind and body in sync and not get carried away by greed, desires and joy and happiness for that matter.

I got an opportunity to see Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in person once and the first thing that I noticed was his warm smile and simple demeanour. Until then I had read articles about him, read his books and heard him speak on variety of subjects. He seems to have a ready answer on any topic be it spiritual, personal or anything to do with relationships or modern day issues. His answers are always insightful and also with a touch of humour.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s teaching has an appeal cutting across all sections of society. Such is his charm that a simple villager is equally at ease with him as much as a person from any big metropolis anywhere in the world. He has a knack of presenting complex subject in simple terms that even the biggest of problem seems to be a passing cloud. My friends have curiously enquired about my change in attitude and how I am cheerful most of the time. In the past ten years I have seen a remarkable difference in my outlook towards living a fulfilling life.

I wish that more and more people learn this wonderful technique of the “Art of Living“. To have a better understanding of life and its purpose, be able to see the silver lining in the dark cloud and learn to live with ease in good as well as bad times.

Living – Truly An Art

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